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Championing British advanced manufacturing, engineering and technology, the Parliamentary Blades Project was initiated by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind in 2016 to engage Parliamentarians, schools and the wider public on the advancements in producing energy through offshore wind.


















These 80 meter blades are a UK success story, having been designed, tested, and manufactured in the UK since May 2015. The blades of an offshore wind turbine a fundamental to the energy capture of the machine, balancing capturing energy with avoiding inflicting too much force on to the turbine and its foundation which is connected to the sea bed. The 80m blade manufactured on the Isle of Wight is at the heart of the market leading V164-8.0MW offshore turbine which is helping to significantly reduce the cost of energy from offshore wind. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is at the forefront of the industry, driving competition in the market.



The two blades from the project will go on to be installed in the UK at Walney Extension offshore wind farm and for export to a German offshore wind farm. The project is a celebration of UK’s pivotal role in delivering affordable offshore wind, and MVOW’s UK advanced manufacturing facility and skilled workforce who are now starting to export their market-leading product generating even more value for the UK economy.



The ‘Brand the Blades’ competition is an exciting part of the project helping communicate to young people how electricity is generated by offshore wind turbines, and the importance of renewable energy, in particular, offshore wind power. Engaging this younger generation in relation to this exciting sustainable low carbon UK business sector, and the underlying engineering, technology, and advanced manufacturing, is hopefully catalytic to inspiring the advanced manufacturers, engineers, MPs and business leaders of tomorrow.



Continuing into 2017 the project will also go on to include a series of studies on the People/technology/engineering/advanced manufacturing behind the Blades, and will culminate in a reception for MPs & Peers at MVOW’s blade manufacturing facility, Isle of Wight, on 21st April 2017 where the winners of the Brand the Blades competition will be announced.


About the Project


The Brand the Blades competition is one exciting part of a larger project delivered by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW) called The Parliamentary Blades Project.


The Parliamentary Blades Project was initiated MVOW in 2016 during Offshore Wind Week, where more than 30 MPs signed components in the Houses of Parliament in London. The components will be manufactured on the Isle of Wight into two 80 meter blades for two V164-8.0 MW wind turbines, the largest commercially available wind turbine in the world. Each turbine produces enough energy with just one rotation to power an average UK household for 29 hours (13,3KWh).

Offshore Wind and MHI Vestas


Offshore wind is or is rapidly becoming the most competitive utility scale electricity generating technology.


Offshore wind is creating significant new skilled and semi-skilled jobs across the UK in operations, supply chain and advanced manufacturing.


Advanced technology, and competition in the market is enabling projects to be built for far less than the £100/MWh target set for 2020. Optimism is high that the forthcoming 2017 UK CFD auction round will deliver significantly lower levelised cost of energy.


MHI Vestas Offshore Wind (MVOW) was established in April 2014 and has grown from 110 staff in the UK to over 500 in early 2017. MVOW’s significant contribution to this accelerated cost reduction and additional UK value includes:


1. Bringing market leading technology; the world record breaking V164-8.0MW.

2. Being the challenger brand, MVOW ensures strong competition in the offshore turbine market

3. Delivery of significant industrial investment in the UK; from our own advanced manufacturing, operation and maintenance facilities and our network of competitive UK-based suppliers.


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